S1.06 Basic Viewport Navigation

Lesson Summary

In this lesson we explore the navigation and actor manipulation tools inside the Unreal Editor. The key topics are:

  • Basic level navigation by moving the camera
  • Select, Move, Rotate and Scale objects
  • Outliner usage
  • Change between Local and World Coordinates
  • Snap actors to the grid
  • Change snapping settings
  • Adjust camera settings for speed

What did we do?

Load cells using World Partition

  • Add the World Partition Editor panel by going to Window → World Partition → World Partition Editor
  • Select a portion of the map, Right click → Load selected cells

Hotkeys learned

In the Viewport

Navigate around the Level

Rotate camera in place: Click and Hold Right Mouse + Mouse Move

Move the camera on the X axis (Forward and Backwards) and Y axis (Left and Right): Click and Hold Left/Right + W/A/S/D

Move the camera on the Z axis (Up and Down): Click and Hold Left/Right + Q/E

Zoom in and out: Scroll wheel

Adjust camera speed: Click and Hold Left/Right + Scroll Wheel

Pan camera: Click and Hold Middle Mouse button

Move the camera on the X and Y axes without strafing: Click and Hold Left Mouse + Mouse Move

Actor manipulation

Camera focus on the selected actor (while selecting an actor): F

Rotate around the focus point: Click and Hold Left Mouse + Alt + Mouse Move

Select Gizmo (while selecting an actor): Q

Translation Gizmo (while selecting an actor): W

Rotation Gizmo (while selecting an actor): E

Scale Gizmo (while selecting an actor): R

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