S1.05 Adding our lights and showing Editor windows

⚠️ If, for some reason, you try to place the cubes in the Open World Level and nothing appears in the viewport, then it's because that cell in the World Partition tab is not loaded. For now, you don't need to worry about it; in the next video (S1.06 Basic Viewport Navigation), we will load the cells containing all of our objects.

Lesson Summary

This lesson is a quick overview of how the Unreal Editor works. It covers various actions, including:

  • Explaining the viewport, Outliner, and Details panel.
  • Demonstrating adding lights and actors.
  • Adjusting properties and interacting with actors.
  • Moving actors around in the 3D environment.
  • Creating elements like sky atmosphere and volumetric clouds through the Environment Lighting Mixer.

What did we do?

Add lights to our level using the Environment Light Mixer

  • Window → Env. Light Mixer
  • Click on "Create Sky light"
  • Click on "Create Atmospheric Light"
  • Click on "Create Sky Atmosphere"
  • Click on "Create Volumetric Cloud"
  • Click on "Create Height Fog"
As of Unreal Engine 5.3, the "Create Atmospheric Light 1" button has been removed

Add a cube to our level

  • Click on the Place Actors button in the toolbar
  • Go to Shapes → Cube, and drag and drop the actor inside the level.

Change actor properties in the Details panel

  • Select the SkyLight actor in the Outliner.
  • In the details panel, under the Light category, make sure that there is a check [✓] in the property called Real Time Capture. If it doesn't, click on it.
If the details panel doesn't appear in your editor, go to Window → Details and click on the first option, Details1.

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