S1.11 Character blueprint creation

Lesson Summary

In this lesson, we covered:

  • Create your first blueprint
  • Understand what is a blueprint class.
  • Understand what object-oriented programming is about.
  • An quick overview of a character class.

What did we do?

✅ Updated for UE 5.4

Create your first blueprint class

  • Create a folder called Core, inside our Project folder.
  • Create a folder called Player, inside our Core folder.
  • Right-click on an empty space in the content browser and select Blueprint Class.
  • On the Pick Parent Class window, select Character and call it BP_MainCharacter.
  • Open the blueprint by double-clicking the asset.

Unreal Engine Terminology

Blueprint: Container of components that represent and object inside our game.

Blueprint Scripting Language (a.k.a. Blueprints): Is a visual scripting language that uses nodes and their connection to create new functionality. This comes with Unreal Engine since the 4.0 version of the engine, and it's an object-oriented programming language.

Object-oriented programming: It's a programming model where we design the software based on objects. Its core concepts are Abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance.

An object will contain data with the properties of what is describing (what the object is) and code of the functionality of what is describing (what the object can do). The place where we describe an object is commonly called a Class.

If we want to represent something in our game, lets say a car, we will need to think about its properties and start making note of them. Things like Number of Wheels, Color, Number of Doors, Max Acceleration, Max Speed, etc. Also we would need to think about what this object can do, like accelerate, break, etc. All of this would be inside of a Car Class.

Parent Class: When a class/object is defined, we can reuse it if we notice that there are similarities to what we want to create. Choosing the correct Parent Class will prevent us from making the same object twice.

If later one we want to create a truck with 8 wheels, we could choose our Car Class as a Parent Class and then the only thing the we would need to do are edit the properties of the class, like the Number of Wheel, Number of Doors, etc.

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