S1.19 Moving to where the click happened

Lesson Summary

In this lesson, we covered:

  • Implementing character movement in Unreal Engine.
  • Using the branch node to control execution flow.
  • Adjusting movement inputs based on the direction of the mouse click.

What did we do?

✅ Updated for UE 5.4.1

Adding Movement Behavior only when the input is used

  • Create a branch node by pressing B and clicking on the graph, or by dragging from the execution pin and typing and selecting Branch or If.
  • Drag and drop the variable IsMoveActionEnabled on top of the Condition pin in the Branch node.
  • Set up true and false execution paths.
  • Test the execution with the branch node condition.

Show the mouse cursor on the screen to navigate the game easier

  • Show the mouse by clicking on the Class Defaults button inside the PC_MyDungeonCrawler.
  • Tick the Show Mouse Cursor checkbox.

Move in the direction of the mouse

  • Add the node called Get Hit Result Under Cursor by Channel.
  • Drag a wire from the Hit Result output pin and click on Break Hit Result.
  • Expand the Break Hit Result, and from the Location output pin, drag a wire, type and click on Get Unit Direction (Vector).
  • Make sure to connect the Location output pin to the To input pin of the Get Unit Direction (Vector) node.
  • From the Get Controlled Pawn output pin called Return Value, drag a wire and add the Get Actor Location node.
  • Connect the Get Actor Location output pin to the From input pin of the Get Unit Direction (Vector) node.
  • Finally, connect the Return Value of the Get Unit Direction (Vector) node to the World Direction input pin of the Add Movement Input node.

Verify that the mouse click was valid

  • From the Is Move Action Enabled variable, drag a wire and add the node AND Boolean.
  • Connect the second input pin of the AND node with the Return Value pin of the Get Hit Result Under Cursor by Channel node.
  • Connect the output node of the AND node to the input pin of the Branch node called Condition.

Code added in this video:

To copy the nodes in any graph, you can select them and press Ctrl + C or use the button below each graph. After copying the nodes, paste them (Ctrl + V) inside the editor's graph.


Hotkeys learned

In the Blueprint Editor

Create Branch Node: B + Click

Straighten node connections: Q (You need at least 2 nodes selected)

Comment box: C (if you have nodes selected, the comment box will be created around them)

Unreal Engine Terminology

Branch Node: A node that provides conditional branching in the execution flow, allowing for different execution paths based on a true or false condition.

Structure: In programming, a structure is a way of storing a collection of variables that are usually related.

In a structure created for a Bullet, we could hold a float variable called Weight, a text variable called Manufacturer, and a Mesh reference variable called 3D model.

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