S1.03 Getting comfortable with the editor

Lesson Summary

This lesson serves as a comprehensive tutorial for users aiming to navigate the Unreal editor efficiently. It covers the following key points:

  • Arranging panels in the editor for optimized workflow.
  • Accessing assets through the Content Drawer.
  • Understanding and utilizing hotkeys.
  • Customizing layouts to suit individual preferences.
  • Utilizing debugging tools and reverting to default layouts.
  • Customizing editing preferences and toolbars.
  • Displaying frame rate and memory information for performance evaluation.
  • Adjust the screen settings.
  • You can also switch the language to your preference by going to Edit → Editor Preferences → Region and Language.
⚠️ It is recommended that you choose English because the translations are not good enough to use, and the videos in this course use an editor in the English language.

Hotkeys learned

In the Viewport

Content Drawer: Ctrl + space bar

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