S1.15 Player controller creation

Lesson Summary

In this lesson, we covered:

  • The definition of a Player Controller class inside Unreal Engine.
  • How to create a Player Controller Blueprint Class.

What did we do?

✅ Updated for UE 5.4.1

Create a Player Controller Blueprint Class

  • Go to the folder .../Core/Player.
  • Right-click on an empty space in the Content Drawer, and choose Blueprint Class.
  • Click on the Player Controller button.
  • Change the name to PC_MyDungeonCrawler.

Unreal Engine Terminology

Pawn: A Pawn is an actor that can be 'possessed' and receive input from a controller.

Character: A character is a type of Pawn that includes the ability to walk around.

Player Controller: A Player controller is an actor responsible for controlling a Pawn used by the Player.

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