S1.12 Setup character properties

Lesson Summary

In this lesson, we covered:

  • Overview of the Blueprint Editor.
  • Change properties of components.
  • Check out the Construction Script.
  • Check out the Event Graph.

What did we do?

✅ Updated for UE 5.4

Use the Aurora skeletal mesh inside your character class

  • Select the skeletal mesh called Mesh inside the character blueprint called BP_MainCharacter.
  • Under the Mesh category, change the Skeletal Mesh value by clicking on the dropdown that says None, and select that skeletal mesh that says Aurora.
  • Move the skeletal mesh to a Location of X:0.0, Y:0.0 and Z:-90.0.
  • Rotate the skeletal mesh to a Rotation of X:0.0, Y:0.0 and Z:-90.0.
  • Click on the Capsule Component, under the Shape category, change the Capsule Half Height to 90.0 and the Capsule Radius to 30.0.

Check your character in the level

  • Drag and drop the character blueprint from the content browser/drawer to the level and see if everything is ok.

Hotkeys learned

Actor manipulation

Camera focus on the selected actor (while selecting an actor): F

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